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Get to Know Us

Our mission is to design, install, maintain, and educate homeowners through our convenient, climate conscious landscapes. Our team of experts and fellow companies with similar values help us to help you. 





Our company culture is driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability in landscaping. We have environmental and business students helping us build a team of hard workers who are dedicated to re-creating your modern yard. 


Our purpose is to incite change and offer homeowners an easy way to install and maintain a contemporary outdoor living space that is easier to manage. By building these modern yards, you will save money and time while helping the environment. 


Our team is made up of business students, professors, and plant professionals from the University of Colorado. Our team has 14 years of combined landscaping experience, and the business acumen to help modernize the landscaping industry to a more customer-oriented experience. 


The Kentucky bluegrass in your yard is not native to Colorado, which is why we are here to help as many Coloradans as possible to transform their landscape into something beautiful, practical, and sustainable using native plants that are easier to manage over time.

Re-Building the Community

We have worked alongside with those in the community who are working towards making safe climate changes: 

- Marshall Fire Victims/ Homebuilders

-Boulder Fire Department.

- Boulder Watershed Collective


Our team consists of landscape designers, plant professionals, and installers who are university students or recent graduates looking to help manage climate change in their local community. Our team is dedicated to being your one stop shop for modern landscape transformations. If you can dream it, we can design it.

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