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Reinvent Healthier Neighborhoods 

Elevate your outdoor oasis with ClimateScaping, where luxury and convenience meet. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting contemporary landscapes that cater to homeowners seeking effortless transformations. With our comprehensive range of services encompassing design, installation, maintenance, and insightful guidance on essential water conservation strategies, we not only contribute to mitigating the Western water crisis but also enhance the elegance and allure of your property.

      Did you know the average homeowner's lawn consumes 50,000 gallons of water every summer? With Colorado entering a historical drought along with a dozen other states, every individual with a grass lawn can help the state as it continues to grow and require more water. A landscape transformation is where we begin to adapt to this change. ClimateScaping can help you navigate this change efficiently with our tiered design packages meant to ease the experience of updating your outdoor area. 



Our Design


         ClimateScaping is a novel landscape design company that helps residents to easily remove portions of their inconvenient grass lawns to replace them with colorful, native plant landscapes that only require rainwater to survive. Through our team of design & ecology experts; our mission is to design, install, maintain, and educate homeowners through our convenient, climate conscious landscapes. Our simplified turn-key system acts as a one-stop-solution for the entire process - We will even find you all the state rebates and tax deductions to reduce your costs as much as possible. We look forward to helping you modernize your outdoor space with ease. 


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