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Build Your Beautiful
Water-Wise Space

ClimateScaping- Book a Complimentary Yard Consult

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Reinvent Healthier Neighborhoods 

Transform your outdoor space with ClimateScaping. We specialize in designing sustainable and stunning landscapes for homeowners. Not only do our solutions help address the water crisis in the West, but they also increase the value and beauty of your property. Our team of experts provides a full-service approach, including design, installation, maintenance, and education on water conservation practices.

      Did you know the average homeowner's lawn consumes 50,000 gallons of water every summer... just to grow the grass you then have to mow, fertilize, aerate, weed and then mow again. With Colorado entering a historical drought along with a dozen other states and our Colorado River in jeopardy, every person with a grass lawn can help our state as it continues to grow and require more and more water. Colorado is expected to double its population by 2040, meaning a landscape transformation is beginning. ClimateScaping can help you navigate this change efficiently.


         ClimateScaping is a new water conservation landscaping company that helps residents to easily remove portions of their water-WASTING grass lawns to replace them with colorful water-WISE native-plant landscapes that only require rainwater to survive. Through our team of design & ecology experts; we help homeowners design, develop, install, enjoy & maintain beautiful water-WISE front & backyards. Our simplified turn-key system acts as a one-stop-solution for the entire process - yes, we even find you all the state rebates and tax deductions to reduce your costs as much as possible. And a yes-yes to you still having a a colorful yard for your children and dogs to enjoy with you.

       Join us in this water saving movement in 2023... and show your friends, family and neighbors how you're taking a stand to help the state of Colorado through climate change and drought with your new ClimateScape. Please subscribe to our email list and we will be in contact soon to share more information with you!

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